Meet Dr. Gabe Rahn

I know how exciting it is to be able to do the things you love again.

Dr. Gabe Rahn is originally from LeMars, Iowa. After high school, he attended the University of Nebraska where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences. While attending UNL, he also played football for Nebraska as a walk-on wide receiver who earned a scholarship. After graduation, he then attended chiropractic college at Cleveland University-Kansas City and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

While attending chiropractic college, Dr. Rahn completed hundreds of hours of seminars including Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) courses, dry needling, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) courses, McKenzie method (MDT) courses, FAKTR taping and soft tissue courses, and therapeutic exercise/sports performance courses. All of these courses increased his ability to diagnose and treat many different conditions with conservative care. Dr. Rahn is licensed in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS). All of his education and training is simply to provide each of his patients the best, evidence-based treatment possible. Dr. Rahn is passionate about conservative care and is even more passionate about using his ability to help people. As a former high level athlete, treating active individuals of any age and empowering any person who wants to become more active with less pain is what gets him out of bed in the morning. Dr. Rahn is excited to serve his patients and the Bellevue/Papillion community in which he lives.

Dr. Gabe Rahn married his high school sweetheart, Emily, in 2017. They currently have one son named Grayson and a dog named Drake. Dr. Rahn enjoys being active with his family, reading, and watching the Huskers on fall Saturdays.

Dr. Gabe is trained in:

  • McKenzie Method 
  • Selective Funtional Movement Assessment (SFMA) 
  • Functional Movement System (FMS)
  • FAKTR (soft tissue therapy)
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What Patients Say

Being treated by Dr. Rahn has been a refreshing experience from someone that has been treated by chiropractic care for over 18 years.

His approach is personalized to the issues you are having, and you will never feel like you are getting “cookie cutter” treatment. His treatments have been extremely effective, and the exercises he suggests between visits have noticeably helped with back problems I’ve had for a significant portion of my life.

- Jordan S.

I was able to feel relief, was not sore, and was able to move freely.

I have never been to a chiropractor, so I was skeptical at first. However, I was having some bad back and neck pain, so I figured I'd give it a try. Gabe was professional and friendly from beginning to the end of each session and was thorough enough to get to know myself and my concerns for my back and neck. He made sure he got all the background information he needed to properly treat my pain and was knowledgeable with what pain I was having. After treating my back and neck, I was able to feel relief, was not sore, and was able to move freely. He also gave me some exercises to do at home to keep my pain at a minimum. He made sure to follow up with me personally to set up my appointments to my schedule and was willing to change appointments around if I had to reschedule. Over the course of my treatments, I never felt he was doing anything that would not be helpful for my pain. I had a great experience going to Gabe to work on my back and neck pain, and still use the exercises he gave me from time to time. Would recommend him any time!

-  Noah P.

Despite injuries sustained in my past, Dr. Rahn was able to provide much needed relief/treatment for my back pain.

His insight and knowledge has proven invaluable as I seek to improve my overall health.

- Caleb K.

I appreciated that he sat down with me and asked my history of pain and ways that I have tried to fix it in the past.

I started going to Dr. Rahn because of pain in my neck, shoulders, and of recurring headaches. I appreciated that he sat down with me and asked my history of pain and ways that I have tried to fix it in the past. He was very professional, and I felt like he listened well to my concerns and took those into consideration when treating me. Dr. Rahn was able to relieve a lot of pain in my problem areas and I highly recommend seeing him!

- Jessica K.

Dr. Rahn is a great chiropractor to know and trust!

After experiencing low back pain for many months from working as a nurse, I was introduced to Dr. Rahn. From my first consultation I knew Dr. Rahn was going to be the perfect person to help relieve my pain. He is very knowledgeable about all things chiropractic and has a friendly, welcoming personality. After my first couple appointments I could already feel a big difference in my lower back pain. I recommend Dr. Rahn to all of my family and friends.

- Kaitlin K.

I truly felt he was trying to get to the root of the pain rather than just treat me like any other patient.

I first sought Dr. Rahn’s help because I was dealing with almost daily headaches and the typical back pain that comes from being a parent. His assessments and questions at each appointment were thorough and I truly felt he was trying to get to the root of the pain rather than just treat me like any other patient. Each appointment provided instant relief and after seeing him consistently for a few months, the headaches are almost non-existent. My lower back pain only flares up when I haven’t been consistent in my chiropractic care! I am especially appreciative of the advice and stretches he has given in order to prevent and relieve pain. Dr. Rahn is professional in his care and knowledgeable about health as a whole and I will continue seeing him!

- Rachyl S.

Dr. Gabe is the person to see!

I have been living with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) for over 10 years now and it gets worse as I age. It finally got to the point where it caused so much pain during normal daily activities like eating. Dr. Gabe not only helped relieve this pain, but he was personable in that he wanted your outcome goal to be his priority to achieve. He listened and he acted. His techniques are backed up by research and studies and loves explaining the little details behind it. He helped me figure out personal triggers that led to worsening TMJ and even gave me at home exercises to do on a daily basis. I wanted to get back to normal life and he made that possible! I 100% recommend going to see him!

- Briginé N.

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